Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello guys :D

this is gonna be a long post.
It's about a game project I'm working on together with 3 other guys. :)
One other designer, who will make the pixelart and the animation. And two dudes who do the rest. I can't explain it proper .... Well, they make that you can actual play the game.

My job is to illustrate the characters and do some artwork.
We discussed the characters in our team and then I sketched them :)
It was a lot of fun. But, just sketches. The next days I will start to make the colored illustrations and some backgrounds.

This is the protagonist. He lost his leg but he build himself a new one. Which was quite a challenge because he lives in a village in the woods. 

This is the barbarian. She is big and strong, maybe a little bit grumpy xD

 This guy is a swords master. He came from far away to burst the plans of the bad guy.

 He is a magician with winter power. He can froze stuff and he pulled out a tree and claimed it as his magic wand.

 This is the hunter. Not much to say here. He hunt stuff. Sometimes he eats it.

 This is the guardsman. Actually this is just a empty armor. But the strong will of his former owner keeps it alive.

 This is also an magician. He uses spring power. His look was inspired by flowers and vine.

 This is also another magician. She uses the power of the autumn. Also she has breasts. lol

This little girl is the magician of the summer. She has a wolf and a crow as companions.  She's super cute. We thought it would be funny to throw her into a bloody battle. Kinda cruel now that I think about it .... x")

And finally this is the bad guy.

Fell free to tell me how you like these guys :D

Thursday, May 30, 2013

blood again

Hello guys :D
Just a random pic because I just got a little time to draw stuff for myself :)

I'm super tired right know. My eyes look like this ಥ‿ಥ ... yeah haha

Ah, and did I mentioned that I like to draw blood lol

Monday, May 27, 2013


Hello :D

yes, another post. Because when you have to draw something with a deadline you get a shitload of other ideas for pictures (--ㅅ-- )

So just a quick fun pic

Haha I just realized that this are actually two different versions.

Well then I can also give you the sketch.

Draw challenge

Hello guys :D

second post today ;) well It's right after midnight but I still didn't sleep so for me it's the same day haha

It's draw challenge time again :D
This time we draw our self as a superhero/villain/hulkpet (I suggested the theme this time ;))
We're going to take all the characters and make one big Picture with all of them. Hope a lot of guys will participate so we get a nice crowdy picture :D

I had no idea what kind of hero I would be ... I really don't see me as a hero. So I draw me as a strange thing you kinda don't know on which side she is. My character always change her position and opinion. And yes she is kinda ridiculous looking, but she can beat the shit out of you... because she's sort of crazy I guess. And crazy means strong ... x"D sort of ...
But, no heels, no cleavage, she wears pants, got a lot of gadgets so she can always get out of prisons, or other situations. Means she needs no one to save her. But she likes company. She like to work with others because of fun :D And she can't heal shit!

I tried not to make her a ridiculous over sexualised super heroine. Still gave her weird cutouts. But that's just me òwó I like cutouts and overkneesocks. And cats... :3

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hello guys,

didn't sleep last night.
So I draw artsy shit n shit :DD took me 30 minutes.

Hm, I think I curse to much :/ well fuck it.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

greenhair lady

Hello guys :),

how are you  doing? Well, I'm kinda exhausted.
Just got back from a trip to my family.... The first day was real fun. My best friend picked me up at the airport, we had breakfast and talked a lot about best friends-stuff x)
Then I met my sister. The first time since January. Since I visited her in Singapur ^^
But then everything got sooooo exhausting... I really wanted to go back to Hamburg. So. Badly. --.--

Now I'm all happy again back at home haha

Btw have an old picture. ^^ You're welcome.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

City Dragon

Hello guys :)
How are you?

I'm feeling better. Not depressed or aggressive anymore ;)
Everything seems to work now haha

Today I show you something from my new project for bookillustration. I already told you guys that a friend of mine is writing a story and I'm going to illustrate it. It's a story about a dragon and a thief.
Here is the first Illustration I made ^v^

 I'm not sure about the style. Maybe I change it...

 Also some sketches :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

fuck and stuff

Hello guys,
how are you doing?

Naaaaah, I'm pissed right now >I
Today I draw a Star Trek picture in school. But I forgot to bring my usb stick, no problem, I thought... I just send it to my e-mails and then I have it at home ... WRONG! now it wont fucking open it! D: This sucks.... also my facebook doesn't work anymore .... which also sucks, because I wanted to write a message |I ... meh! And my flippin' cellphone wont work properly ... I have the feeling technology doesn't like me anymore D':

So have a picture wich kinda fits my freakin' mood right now D:

fuck this I'm going to sleep ...

Sorry for being so aggressive. Hope you all had a nice day ^^

Monday, May 13, 2013


Hello guys,

today just a quick post ^v^
I want to show you the picture I draw for a competition. It didn't win anything, but I kinda still like it.

It was really a lot of fun drawing it. And it's waaay to cheesy xDD But like I'd give a fuck. haha

Actually, a lot of people helped me with it. First my best friend, she sat next to me while I was drawing the first version and helped me with the fish. She gave me photos of fish she took in Egypt. Also some other friends gave me advices for contrast, more background-stuff etc. Yeah, I really like to talk to people while drawing. (∫ ö,ö)∫

Friday, May 10, 2013

strange stuff

Hello guys,
how are you doing?
Hope you all had a nice week^^
Mine was kinda strange and stressful, but also funny and nice :) Also really pumped for the weekend x) Museum, cinema and party. And doing stuff for university x"D

Well maybe you know already (maybe not) I'm living in Hamburg. It's a quite big city (at least for Germany lol)
And if you live in a city with a lot of people strange things happen.... These are just a few things that happened in the subway last week... x""D awkward, creepy and funny stuff lol

Monday, May 6, 2013

Illustuff over and over again

Hey guys,
how are you doing? ( ∫ • ± • )∫

Well I'm kinda sick at the moment... u.u since this morning I'm feeling terrible and just want to sleep. But I've got work to do :D
For Illustration classes I'm going to illustrate a story a friend is writing (super nice, because I suck at writing -^-)
It took me a while to find something to illustrate ... I was asking a lot of people for songtextes, poems or other stuff ... lol I guess I was kinda annoying xD I hate to bother others. And I get the feeling I annoy people very easy |''I But it was so hard to find something I really want to do for the book.
Now I'm happy :D Hope to show you guys something the next days ^v^

 This time it's just an old sketch from one of the songtextes ^v^

Seriously ... I have no idea what I did there x"D