Sunday, February 3, 2013

Star Wars calendarpicture

Hello ma fellow dreambuilders :D

I hope you're doing well :D first a little formal thingi. From now on I try to write in english^^ I have to practise my english writing anyway sooo ... I just hope anything makes sense xD Even my german makes no sense sometimes ... x"DD
So, let's start :)
this is my second calendarpic. It took way more time than the other, but I guess you can tell xD At least I hope... xD
Theme was George Lukas :D So obviously as a huge Star Wars fan I draw ... well this:


I hope you like it. I really had a lot of fun drawing it! x) First I tried something else... something more realistic... because some profs told me my style doesn't fit to the university... I don't really get why he said that, because I don't think I have a proper style yet. u.u
Anyway, I thought that time I should draw something that would fit. Nah, I really didn't liked it... Haha but two weeks ago I thought "Fuck It, I draw what I like" xDD so I started new and this is my result and I'm very happy with it :) I guess this is also a part of our studies. I'm not mad at the professor who said that to me, because for some reason I think it still helped me... even when I can't tell why x"D

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