Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tumblr is on now!

That's it!
From now on I will just post on tumblr:

please continue to follow me :)

goodbye blogspot
have a last little sketch 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

last post here (maybe)

Hello guys :D

I started today to write my posts on tumblr. I already told you guys, that I have to switch because blogger is blocked in china. And I still want to post while I'm there. :)

So, this is my new blog:

I tried to make it look like this blog. hahaha

I'm not sure if I will post only there from now on. Maybe I will do the next few post on both blogs. :)

Now for my super cheesy picture. Yesterday after I came back from a trip to my parents I met a friend to watch movies and to talk about important stuff. Like ducks. We watched Karate Kid. Actually this has nothing to do with the picture but I wanted to tell you guys, that this movie sucks, big time… Anyway, I would like to go to a park and watch some ducks, they’re cute, evil little creatures and I want to pat one. hahaha
Now I have to get ready for a party this evening. It’s a party a friend of mine and I are throwing to have one last time together with all our friends. Hope it’s going to be nice and everyone will have fun ^v^
Ok, that’s it for now. See you soon  (=^・ω・^)y=

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

last few days

Hello guys,

how are you doing?

I'm starting to get well again. I was pretty sick the last weekend. Still went out with some friends and then I really really (!) felt sick. While I was driving home the next day I was afraid I would faint... The subway was super hot and humid. Also a lot of jerks everywhere. When I was finally home I just fell into my bed and slept for 24 hours.
But actually it was worth it. Hahaha I'm a jerk to my body.
But I'm feeling better now. :D
Still I went to a doctor yesterday. I was feeling kinda ok, so I was afraid, that the doctor would be like: "Don't be a wimp. I can't find anything."
But she said my throat looks pretty bad and she gave me antibiotics. ö____ö
She was a little bit confused as I said, that it don't hurt that much. Haha

Also I went to a graphic arts meetup at a cafe yesterday. I was a little bit tired and in the end pissed (because of stupid questions). And then I missed the last train and had to take nightbusses ... and of course some drunken people had to creep on me. But then I met a nice guy who even escorted me home. My way home is really not that safe. So got lucky in the end after all.

Now I'm packing. Tomorrow I'll fly to my parents. But on Friday I'm already back. I still have to do so much stuff before we're flying to shanghai. ^^"

Oh, and I saw the ultimate hipster.