Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy spring bunny day :D

Just a quick sketch :D for Easter

Currently I'm at my parents house^v^ And I don't have much time to draw x"D

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Draw challenge no something something

Hello guys :D
how are you doing? x)

Today was my first day of the new semester ^v^.
I hope it's going to be a realy cool semester x)

Even though something kinda depressed me today u__u But not let's talk about depressing stuff ;) It's childish anyway ^v^ ....Instead look at my new entry for the new draw challenge.

First theme was "flugmops" englisch: flying pug. In german pug is also a word for boob xDD lol because I don't really wanted to draw a freaking pug I draw this:

lololol I just loooove stupid jokes x""""D can't help it .... maybe I overdid it a little bit with the white... but it's just paint! I promise ;)

Aaaaaand because I don't want to make a post with just this stupid pic I also draw this ^v^ Nothing special. Just for fun :D

Thursday, March 14, 2013

pervy nun or something something

Hello guys :D

just a quick sketch today^v^

So, how are you doing guys? :D My day was quite nice ^v^ Everyone I met today was really kind to me. Even the cashier at the supermarket x) 
I met some exchange students because I helped them pick some courses^^ It's really cool to meet different Illustrators from different countries. 

Btw it's still snowing and really cold u_u just looked outside and ... it's still pretty... but seriously Thor? Whyyyyyyyy does it have to snow in March? D: Joke around in April! >I

Sunday, March 10, 2013


hair .... hair everywhere :D

lillte voodoo ballerina

Hello guys :D,

today was draw challenge time x) The theme was Voodoo Unicorn :D
Well, I draw more a voodoo-ballerina-unicorn-thingi x"D

It's more like a sketch  . _______ . and I really had no idea for the background x"I naah
But I still like it ^v^

Btw it was super cold today u^u no spring so far ...

I took this photos outside .... so much snooooooooow -A- I mean yeah, it looks pretty but ... I want spring! >^<

(and i managed to bleach and dye my hair xD yeah all pink again hahaha)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

little pervy girl

Hey guys,
how are you doing. I guess fine :D

Well, I'm kinda sick >^> .. still... but it's ok^^ Not that bad ... But maybe I should slow down the next days hahaha And I have to find more time to draw -^- jaja i got this awesome new tablet and don't find the time to draw with it ...
To be honest, I don't really mind xD I had such a fun week x) Shopping with friends, helping a friend to print stuff, having a nice international dinner to welcome our new students from abroad, partying x) So much fun, but tomorrow I do nothing xD Just bleach and dye my hair hahaha xD get rid of ugly dark roots

But enough of this girly nonsense talk x)
Today I draw this picture. First I wanted to draw something for the next draw challenge. But instead I finished this ^^
I don't know when I'm going to do the next draw challenge... the first person already posted so I have no reason to rush ^v^ (the first person can choose the next challenge)

woa, so much text xD"

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jonas the human

hey guys :D

today was a fun day aaaaand the first sunny day since like forever! >w<
It was warm and sunny and it made me really happy x) Even though I'm kinda sick... it's not that bad anymore.... just my voice that cracks a few times ^^"
Anyway the weather is so nice, not even being sick can ruin my good mood x)
The last few weeks I was kinda depressed just because of this greyish weather >__>
And now I'm pumped for spring :DD

But lets have a looks-see on this poster I draw for a friend :D

It was a birthday present x) He as Finn :DD I printed it on A3.
Since he like Adventure Time as much as I do, it was easy to pic a cool theme x)

aaah, and I painted this on the wrapping :)

I fucked up the word .... even though I was trying very hard T^T lol guess I'm just the stupid kind of smart x"DD