Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jonas the human

hey guys :D

today was a fun day aaaaand the first sunny day since like forever! >w<
It was warm and sunny and it made me really happy x) Even though I'm kinda sick... it's not that bad anymore.... just my voice that cracks a few times ^^"
Anyway the weather is so nice, not even being sick can ruin my good mood x)
The last few weeks I was kinda depressed just because of this greyish weather >__>
And now I'm pumped for spring :DD

But lets have a looks-see on this poster I draw for a friend :D

It was a birthday present x) He as Finn :DD I printed it on A3.
Since he like Adventure Time as much as I do, it was easy to pic a cool theme x)

aaah, and I painted this on the wrapping :)

I fucked up the word .... even though I was trying very hard T^T lol guess I'm just the stupid kind of smart x"DD

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