Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Draw challenge no something something

Hello guys :D
how are you doing? x)

Today was my first day of the new semester ^v^.
I hope it's going to be a realy cool semester x)

Even though something kinda depressed me today u__u But not let's talk about depressing stuff ;) It's childish anyway ^v^ ....Instead look at my new entry for the new draw challenge.

First theme was "flugmops" englisch: flying pug. In german pug is also a word for boob xDD lol because I don't really wanted to draw a freaking pug I draw this:

lololol I just loooove stupid jokes x""""D can't help it .... maybe I overdid it a little bit with the white... but it's just paint! I promise ;)

Aaaaaand because I don't want to make a post with just this stupid pic I also draw this ^v^ Nothing special. Just for fun :D

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