Sunday, June 30, 2013

Procrastination :D

Hellö guys,

in a few weeks is the final exhibition of the year. I have to finish a lot of stuff but ... I still can't stop me from doing other stuff >____>

Look what I did today D:

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dinosaurs Overknee Socks

Hey guys, how are you doing?

Had a super long day at university. And I was still super tired from the game jam. So I was kinda grumpy and started to draw this.
Yesterday I got this idea while chatting with a friend.

Flippin' Plesiosaurus Overkneesocks. Best. Idea. Ever.

I would totally wear them.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Game Jam part 2 and totally tired

Hello guy,
how are you doing. Well I'm super tired (look at title x)). Still, I really want to post.

Game Jam is over. In my last post I already wrote about it. Now I try to be a bit more precise.
As I wrote, you have 44 hours to create a game. A guy from a game company organized the whole thing. I was part of a team with eight others. Three designers, five programmers and one game designer. Quite the big team but we handled it very well. Oh, and the theme they gave us for the game was "violence".
We took the violence and put it in the environment. To create a contrast we made the playable character super cute.
The whole world we designed is trying to harm you. First we wanted to insert a deeper message. When something hits you we wanted that body parts are falling apart. So you even when you made it, the violence would have scarred you. (Yeah deep shit man.) But there just wasn't enough time ...
So we just tried to make it "juicy". We tried to make something small but good looking.

Dimi, one of us designers made the rough animations and my job was to make them good looking. You can watch his animations and read his experience on his blog:
Dimi's blog

So here is what I did.
First the loading screen. I have drawn this today, because I got the time.

Meet our super cute/creepy little "Neony". We called him Bob.

I really want to show you the animations but for some reasons I cant upload them right ...
So you have to click in these links to see Bob walking, jumping, getting hit and dying.

Getting hit

I can show you this animation. For some reason this works...
It's a pill you can collect.

And when you do this happens to the background that has Jasmin drawn.
Link to Jasmin's blog

And this little thing was the goal.

Oh, and I can also show you the very first concept art shit.

I have drawn this in two or five minutes. x) But yeah ... this is how our concept started.

Theoretically you can play our game here: GAME
But in my browser it wont work .... so no guarantee ...

This weekend was a ton of fun. Working in an team is really nice. Game Jam was a nice opportunity to meet new people interested in the same stuff like you. And it was cool to really create a (kind of) finished game.
Next year again :D

(btw it's also really nice to get food and drinks all for free xDD Sushi was delicious. Thanks Innogames

I almost forgot to show you guys some fotos  (*´・v・)

Hard work :)

Cake from the BBQ Saturday (and cats (=^・ェ・^=))

Outside we found some cool gamma radiation

Our programmers övö

final presentation (also this is the winner team with a really cool game ;))

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Game Jam

Hello guys,

right now I'm not at home, but in the office of Innogames (game company here in Hamburg) They're organized a game jam this weekend. Long story short, this means you and your team have 44 hours time to create a game. It's really fun.
The last few hours we (the designers) tried to create a setting and background. Kinda hard... It's easier to design a character...
I kinda went crazy and did this:

This is so not going to be our background. Haha But I think it's psychedelic cool.

Also I made this little sketch.
I like the contrast of this two pictures.  ( =①ω①=)

Now I have to continue working.
Wish you all a nice rest of the evening! :D

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shanghai and mermaids

Hello guys :)

maybe you have read my last post in which I whine a little bit around ^v^" Yeah Sorry, normally I can just take it ... meh!
I wrote about Shanghai and that it's not clear if we can go, because we didn't got the acceptance letter. But today we finally got it. :D
Yeah! Now it's super clear that we can go. We even have the flight booked. So freaking exiting! :DD
I think it's going to be nice to be away for a little bit. Meet new people. Experience a different culture and stuff like this. But I'm sure I will get homesick at some point. I really like Hamburg and the people here. Always liked coming back to Hamburg.

Ok, enough of that stuff. Here is a little Illustration I did today. Should draw something more usefully but my head hurts ... can't concentrate. Maybe because of the weather. It was super warm today (summer finally reached the north of Germany). And now its stormy with thunder and flashes and a lot of rain. Kinda cool looking but my head hates it... haha

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

super special random post and Game of Thrones

Hello guys :)

Here is just a super random post because I feel like it and want to write a little bit about random stuff. Hope you don't mind. ;')
Well, I told you a while ago that a friend and I are going to Shanghai for a semester abroad... But now it seems like it's not clear anymore... We don't know if we can go or not ... And the reason because is just so ridiculous. It's because of our looks. I'm not kidding, they don't want to accept us because we look how we look. Yeah, we kinda look different and strange and have our very own styles but still... this shouldn't be a reason for not letting us study in Shanghai! We are really lucky that our international coordinator is really supporting. Today we went to his office to talk to him and he was like: "You guys don't have to change. It's their problem not yours."
We are really glad that he is sooo awesomely supporting. He could be like the total opposite and say we should change if we really want to go there.
Still, kinda strange ... A lot of strange stuff seems to happened the last few days. (・_・ヾ
Strange stuff, strange people, strange me. I act strange too lately... Maybe because I'm tired. Wait what. No. I'm always strange Haha. Ah, nonsense at it's finest. Sorry.

Also I should have drawn some stuff for uni... but I just eat a lot of veggies and fruits and watched Game of Thrones( ̄ω ̄;)
I just started to watch the first season of GoT... yeah I know. I'm really behind. But I'm about to change that. It's not like I have anything better to do ... lol not
My first expressions are : Sex. Sex and blood and maybe some boobies.
Don't get me wrong. I think the series is good and I will definitely continue to watch it. I'm curious what is going to happen next. So, GoT is doing something right.
Also I finally got a person I liked from the start. x) It's Syrio Forel. Hahaha he was so over the top. I liked it. Even tried to draw him. Just a quick poorly sketch. Didn't get his expression right ...

I also like Daenerys Targaryen. Mostly because she's so beautiful. And I really hope she's going to be a badass sometime later.  (。-`ω´-)

Ah, sorry for writing so much. I just felt like talking to the internet today. (´・ω・`)

Monday, June 17, 2013

sexy cry Frodo

Hello guys,

how are you, how was your weekend? Mine was nice and sort of stressful. Had to do some illustrations for uni. Tomorrow (ah, no. Today...) I will show them to my professor. I'm a little bit nervous. Some others say he want to be a tougher critic... No more nice guy. But in my opinion he doesn't have to change. His critic is helpful and on a very professional level. And he's always very encouraging. Even though he doesn't let me do my game project for the course. xD" meh!

Since I finished my Illustrations and changed two old ones, I decided to have some fun. And draw sexy cry Frodo for no particular reason. :D
Hm, it's not perfect... It looks a little bit like I tried to much ... I guess.

This remembers me to watch the new trailer for The Hobbit  (┌・。・)┌ hell yeah!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Adventure Time randomness

Last night I drew this after a Cosplayphoto from the Internet. (`・ω・´)”
It's just a quick sketch. I didn't feel like sleeping. So I did this really quick and then I went to bed.

Yeah PBxMarceline ftw >)

Game part 2

Hello guys,
how are you doing?

I'm still working on the game. Tomorrow (well today... ah, late again) I will meet the rest of the team again to talk about gamy-stuff ^v^
Also I have etching ("Ätzradierung") again. I prepared a plate today so I can etch it tomorrow :) 

But back to the game. I finished the first four characters. These are the ones we need for the tutorial.

 Again feel free to tell me how you like these guys :)

Monday, June 10, 2013


Hello guys,

started to watch Hannibal.
It's good.
Thought I should draw him. So:

I have no practice with portraits... don't even know I can draw them ... strange

Friday, June 7, 2013

Star Wars and bondage

Hello guys,
how are you doing?

I'm super tired. Today was a strange day. But I kinda don't feel like sleeping.
Instead art and music. Only things that help when you feel shitty. ಠ_ಠ

 My favorite Disney-Princess

Saturday, June 1, 2013

random post

Hello guys :D

just a random post.
Yesterday university was a lot of fun. I had etching. (Not sure if that's the right English word, in German it's "Ätzradierung")
I didn't do too much. Just preparing some metal. Actually I wanted to
acid-treat a metal plate. But I had a clumsy day and hurt my self accidentally and got hurt (also accidentally, I hope haha) a few times. So I decided to not challenge my luck and didn't work with the real dangerous stuff. No acid fun (gosh, that sounds so wrong)

Also this happened on my way to university. 

It was a nice sunny day. In Hamburg such days are rare. So when the sun decides to show up everybody is happy and everyone is nice to each other.

Random post end. Wish you all a nice weekend! :D