Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shanghai and mermaids

Hello guys :)

maybe you have read my last post in which I whine a little bit around ^v^" Yeah Sorry, normally I can just take it ... meh!
I wrote about Shanghai and that it's not clear if we can go, because we didn't got the acceptance letter. But today we finally got it. :D
Yeah! Now it's super clear that we can go. We even have the flight booked. So freaking exiting! :DD
I think it's going to be nice to be away for a little bit. Meet new people. Experience a different culture and stuff like this. But I'm sure I will get homesick at some point. I really like Hamburg and the people here. Always liked coming back to Hamburg.

Ok, enough of that stuff. Here is a little Illustration I did today. Should draw something more usefully but my head hurts ... can't concentrate. Maybe because of the weather. It was super warm today (summer finally reached the north of Germany). And now its stormy with thunder and flashes and a lot of rain. Kinda cool looking but my head hates it... haha

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