Monday, June 17, 2013

sexy cry Frodo

Hello guys,

how are you, how was your weekend? Mine was nice and sort of stressful. Had to do some illustrations for uni. Tomorrow (ah, no. Today...) I will show them to my professor. I'm a little bit nervous. Some others say he want to be a tougher critic... No more nice guy. But in my opinion he doesn't have to change. His critic is helpful and on a very professional level. And he's always very encouraging. Even though he doesn't let me do my game project for the course. xD" meh!

Since I finished my Illustrations and changed two old ones, I decided to have some fun. And draw sexy cry Frodo for no particular reason. :D
Hm, it's not perfect... It looks a little bit like I tried to much ... I guess.

This remembers me to watch the new trailer for The Hobbit  (┌・。・)┌ hell yeah!

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