Saturday, June 1, 2013

random post

Hello guys :D

just a random post.
Yesterday university was a lot of fun. I had etching. (Not sure if that's the right English word, in German it's "√Ątzradierung")
I didn't do too much. Just preparing some metal. Actually I wanted to
acid-treat a metal plate. But I had a clumsy day and hurt my self accidentally and got hurt (also accidentally, I hope haha) a few times. So I decided to not challenge my luck and didn't work with the real dangerous stuff. No acid fun (gosh, that sounds so wrong)

Also this happened on my way to university. 

It was a nice sunny day. In Hamburg such days are rare. So when the sun decides to show up everybody is happy and everyone is nice to each other.

Random post end. Wish you all a nice weekend! :D

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