Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello guys :D

this is gonna be a long post.
It's about a game project I'm working on together with 3 other guys. :)
One other designer, who will make the pixelart and the animation. And two dudes who do the rest. I can't explain it proper .... Well, they make that you can actual play the game.

My job is to illustrate the characters and do some artwork.
We discussed the characters in our team and then I sketched them :)
It was a lot of fun. But, just sketches. The next days I will start to make the colored illustrations and some backgrounds.

This is the protagonist. He lost his leg but he build himself a new one. Which was quite a challenge because he lives in a village in the woods. 

This is the barbarian. She is big and strong, maybe a little bit grumpy xD

 This guy is a swords master. He came from far away to burst the plans of the bad guy.

 He is a magician with winter power. He can froze stuff and he pulled out a tree and claimed it as his magic wand.

 This is the hunter. Not much to say here. He hunt stuff. Sometimes he eats it.

 This is the guardsman. Actually this is just a empty armor. But the strong will of his former owner keeps it alive.

 This is also an magician. He uses spring power. His look was inspired by flowers and vine.

 This is also another magician. She uses the power of the autumn. Also she has breasts. lol

This little girl is the magician of the summer. She has a wolf and a crow as companions.  She's super cute. We thought it would be funny to throw her into a bloody battle. Kinda cruel now that I think about it .... x")

And finally this is the bad guy.

Fell free to tell me how you like these guys :D


  1. Love them all :D...
    especially the spring power magician.
    And not to forget...
    he wears high heels ;).

    1. haha now a men knows the feeling of fighting in heels xDDD

  2. man annika wollt grad genau das gleiche sagen X))) Pumps-magician FTW!! XDD
    Aber ich mag auch alle anderen, der Stilmix von Alt/Neu, Asian/Euro, MagicFantasy/Steampunk ist einfach total gut gelungen. Kann man sich schon richtig als ganze Welt vorstellen..:DDD

    1. danke :D
      ja, hab ganz schön gemixt mit den Stilen xD es gibt aber auch einfach zu viele coole ;)

  3. Ergänzend dazu: