Monday, May 6, 2013

Illustuff over and over again

Hey guys,
how are you doing? ( ∫ • ± • )∫

Well I'm kinda sick at the moment... u.u since this morning I'm feeling terrible and just want to sleep. But I've got work to do :D
For Illustration classes I'm going to illustrate a story a friend is writing (super nice, because I suck at writing -^-)
It took me a while to find something to illustrate ... I was asking a lot of people for songtextes, poems or other stuff ... lol I guess I was kinda annoying xD I hate to bother others. And I get the feeling I annoy people very easy |''I But it was so hard to find something I really want to do for the book.
Now I'm happy :D Hope to show you guys something the next days ^v^

 This time it's just an old sketch from one of the songtextes ^v^

Seriously ... I have no idea what I did there x"D


  1. gute besserung!! :(
    .....oh and awesome galaxy stuff is awesome!!! *W*

    1. danke, geht schon viel besser ^^
      jay galaxyyyyyyy xD