Monday, May 27, 2013

Draw challenge

Hello guys :D

second post today ;) well It's right after midnight but I still didn't sleep so for me it's the same day haha

It's draw challenge time again :D
This time we draw our self as a superhero/villain/hulkpet (I suggested the theme this time ;))
We're going to take all the characters and make one big Picture with all of them. Hope a lot of guys will participate so we get a nice crowdy picture :D

I had no idea what kind of hero I would be ... I really don't see me as a hero. So I draw me as a strange thing you kinda don't know on which side she is. My character always change her position and opinion. And yes she is kinda ridiculous looking, but she can beat the shit out of you... because she's sort of crazy I guess. And crazy means strong ... x"D sort of ...
But, no heels, no cleavage, she wears pants, got a lot of gadgets so she can always get out of prisons, or other situations. Means she needs no one to save her. But she likes company. She like to work with others because of fun :D And she can't heal shit!

I tried not to make her a ridiculous over sexualised super heroine. Still gave her weird cutouts. But that's just me òwó I like cutouts and overkneesocks. And cats... :3


  1. Nice design. The ruffled (furry, fluffy?) pants are cool. Kinda curious about big picure in the end.

    1. thanks :D I wish I had such pants lol
      and I will show the big picture for shure :D I'm really happy so many want to do this challenge x)