Wednesday, May 22, 2013

greenhair lady

Hello guys :),

how are you  doing? Well, I'm kinda exhausted.
Just got back from a trip to my family.... The first day was real fun. My best friend picked me up at the airport, we had breakfast and talked a lot about best friends-stuff x)
Then I met my sister. The first time since January. Since I visited her in Singapur ^^
But then everything got sooooo exhausting... I really wanted to go back to Hamburg. So. Badly. --.--

Now I'm all happy again back at home haha

Btw have an old picture. ^^ You're welcome.


  1. TT_______TT
    Ich stoße nur noch auf Blogs mit mega krassen Zeichnern...ich fühle mich so klein .___.
    Ich liebe es!

    1. aww, nicht klein fühlen >v< und freut mich, wenn es gefällt :D