Thursday, May 16, 2013

City Dragon

Hello guys :)
How are you?

I'm feeling better. Not depressed or aggressive anymore ;)
Everything seems to work now haha

Today I show you something from my new project for bookillustration. I already told you guys that a friend of mine is writing a story and I'm going to illustrate it. It's a story about a dragon and a thief.
Here is the first Illustration I made ^v^

 I'm not sure about the style. Maybe I change it...

 Also some sketches :)


  1. aaaaarrr suuuupernicelynice!!!!! gimme that book GIMME NOW!!! :DDDD
    ..und ich find den Stil ziemlich cool! Ich stell mir die Stadt nur mit noch mehr Neon-shit vor X))

    1. Neon-shit ist glaube ich ne ziemlich gut Idee ;)