Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meh :|


maybe I should work more on this ... but meh ...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Workshop :D

Hello guys,

this Sunday and Monday I and some other guys who are into digital art got the chance to be part of a workshop by an Australian digital artist :D His name is Justin Randall, he made some cool stuff for Silent Hill (as a SH fan I remember this the best xD) and some other cool artworks for books or own comics.
We learned his technique and then we just worked and talked to him. He had some really cool advices, it was a ton of fun :D And he really is a nice guy.
I worked on this sketch for an other course. It's going to be a picture book. I'm just not sure whether I can do this or not ... >w>" weh! I don't want to find another thingi... again xD"""

Ah, and the illustration is still not finished ^v^

This is btw the sketch. Normally I do sketches digital, but I wanted to prepare something for the workshop. So I made this the evening after the first day^^ (I had no laptop nor gt because I wasn't at home) You can see, that I do the important stuff like facial expression later with the color. Normally I change a lot while coloring, because I'm not working under the lines but on top.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

drawchallenge colors! :D

Hello girls and guys :D

this is my entry for the next drawchallenge. This time we should draw our favorite color. To be honest, this aren't actually my favorite colors at the moment. (Yeah, at the moment, because I change my favorite colors every few months x"D)
But I really wanted to draw with these colors. And nobody said it have to be your favorite colors xD I'm sure this are the favorite colors of somebody lol
Sorry for it to be so .... crappy x"D At the moment I lost my motivation ... -____- I'm kinda sad, that I can't do what I want in my classes .... It depresses my how antiquated my university is... in some parts... Yeah! you can see my depression in my picture lololol xD

Thursday, April 11, 2013

crayons and the black forest

Hello girls and boys, how are you doing? :D
It's been a while..

Today was really a... not-doing-anything-day. Just doing laundry. I hate doing laundry! D:
But well, you just have to do it ... --_____-- meh!

So, pictures! :D These are just crappy photos, but at least the colors are nice. :D
I got a few (well four xD) crayons for my birthday. And I love them! *v* Some Faber Castel Polychromos in Yellow, Pink, Blue and Turquoise. They are really nice to work with. Really soft and nice to blend. But also expensive...

 The last one is a space whale :D Yeah, I'm watching a lot of Dr. Who right know.

For the lack of post the last few weeks I'm going to do a looong one this time with some photos I took while visiting my parents :D

My parents live near the black forest so we went there for a nice easter dinner x3 It was snowing. I think the black forest is really beautifull and creepy at the same time. And really dark... I didn't remember the forest to be this black xDD

Just some flowers. But I think they're pretty >:3 Saw them in a mall.

My Mom started to read english books. Alice, Dracula and Sherlock. Really cool looking books! (sorry for the shitty photo ó^ò)

Ah btw, my Mom is really awesome. I wanted to see Hänsel&Gretel-Witchhunter. And she went to the cinema with me :D I started to draw this little comic, but it's still not finished. To be honest... I totally forgot about this till now x"D

 Yeah, and sometimes I was just laying around, drawing and watching Tv...

And that's it for now :)