Saturday, April 13, 2013

drawchallenge colors! :D

Hello girls and guys :D

this is my entry for the next drawchallenge. This time we should draw our favorite color. To be honest, this aren't actually my favorite colors at the moment. (Yeah, at the moment, because I change my favorite colors every few months x"D)
But I really wanted to draw with these colors. And nobody said it have to be your favorite colors xD I'm sure this are the favorite colors of somebody lol
Sorry for it to be so .... crappy x"D At the moment I lost my motivation ... -____- I'm kinda sad, that I can't do what I want in my classes .... It depresses my how antiquated my university is... in some parts... Yeah! you can see my depression in my picture lololol xD


  1. You would be surprised of how modern is the HAW compared with my university in Spain :S

    1. aw, that sucks... where is your university? and may I ask what you study? :D

    2. Sorry for taking this long to answer, I don't know very well how this works :S. I'm studying (a silly translation would be) audiovisual communication and journalism in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and really, you should be very happy with your university hehe