Thursday, April 11, 2013

crayons and the black forest

Hello girls and boys, how are you doing? :D
It's been a while..

Today was really a... not-doing-anything-day. Just doing laundry. I hate doing laundry! D:
But well, you just have to do it ... --_____-- meh!

So, pictures! :D These are just crappy photos, but at least the colors are nice. :D
I got a few (well four xD) crayons for my birthday. And I love them! *v* Some Faber Castel Polychromos in Yellow, Pink, Blue and Turquoise. They are really nice to work with. Really soft and nice to blend. But also expensive...

 The last one is a space whale :D Yeah, I'm watching a lot of Dr. Who right know.

For the lack of post the last few weeks I'm going to do a looong one this time with some photos I took while visiting my parents :D

My parents live near the black forest so we went there for a nice easter dinner x3 It was snowing. I think the black forest is really beautifull and creepy at the same time. And really dark... I didn't remember the forest to be this black xDD

Just some flowers. But I think they're pretty >:3 Saw them in a mall.

My Mom started to read english books. Alice, Dracula and Sherlock. Really cool looking books! (sorry for the shitty photo ó^ò)

Ah btw, my Mom is really awesome. I wanted to see Hänsel&Gretel-Witchhunter. And she went to the cinema with me :D I started to draw this little comic, but it's still not finished. To be honest... I totally forgot about this till now x"D

 Yeah, and sometimes I was just laying around, drawing and watching Tv...

And that's it for now :)


  1. I like the whale. Makes my think of scene in Disneys "Treasure Planet", which also shows Space Whales passing by a ship.

    1. Yeah space whales are awesome! :D Now I want to watch Treasure Planet xD I don't think I know this one ...