Saturday, August 10, 2013

last post here (maybe)

Hello guys :D

I started today to write my posts on tumblr. I already told you guys, that I have to switch because blogger is blocked in china. And I still want to post while I'm there. :)

So, this is my new blog:

I tried to make it look like this blog. hahaha

I'm not sure if I will post only there from now on. Maybe I will do the next few post on both blogs. :)

Now for my super cheesy picture. Yesterday after I came back from a trip to my parents I met a friend to watch movies and to talk about important stuff. Like ducks. We watched Karate Kid. Actually this has nothing to do with the picture but I wanted to tell you guys, that this movie sucks, big time… Anyway, I would like to go to a park and watch some ducks, they’re cute, evil little creatures and I want to pat one. hahaha
Now I have to get ready for a party this evening. It’s a party a friend of mine and I are throwing to have one last time together with all our friends. Hope it’s going to be nice and everyone will have fun ^v^
Ok, that’s it for now. See you soon  (=^・ω・^)y=


  1. Jaaa, poste ganz viel von China aus und von China selbst! ;O; ♥ Und viiiieeeeeel Spaß dort! Bin sehr über deine Meinung gespannt. :>

    Hab dich grad auch schnell auf tumblr gefolgt, damit ich nichts verpasse. X3 ♥

    1. hihi bin auch schon super gespannt x)
      und danke fürs folgen auch auf tumblr <3