Saturday, July 13, 2013

exhibition over

Hey guys,
how are you doing?

Now that the three days of exhibition are over I got finally the time to post something about it and show some photos.

First the opening on Thursday. It was really a lot of fun. You meet so much people and talk, drink and in the end you all party. hahaha Well, I could only stay till 1:30am because I got really bad headache >^< I mean really really bad. I couldn't think straight anymore... But still, it was super nice.
Plus I was trying to look like an mermaid and a lot of people recognized that x)
So pictures:

This was in the Armgartstraße. We had two buildings with exhibition-stuff. Most of the stuff there was from the fashion designers and costume designers. Just a little bit was paintings.

 A really cool bachelor thesis and the radio play I was giving the princess my voice. :)
And in the picture right below you can see my comic. (the bright blue one with the white thingi)

My Star Wars picture and my book dummy in the picture above.

The first evening always ends with a big party. It was really a ton of fun, like always :) This was my third annual exhibition. Already.... time is running by so freaking fast D:
Btw the last picture was a "installation" a friend and I did x) We thought someone will get rid of it, but it's still hanging xD Hahaha my university has a great sense of humor.

So now for the second day:

There weren't that much people on the second day. That's normal. But in the evening there was still a live band and a beach party. And a friend was building this nice sandcastle x)

So today was the last day:

A lot of students did bring their familys and then at 6pm everyone grabbed their stuff and everything was over. Then there was the big goodbye. I wanted to say goodbye to a lot of people because I'm not here next semester.

It was a cool exhibition. I had fun and I think I almost saw everything.
The exhibition is always huge, so you need those three days to see all the cool stuff.
I'm looking forward to the next one. :)

(Me on the first day (öᴗö* ))

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