Wednesday, July 3, 2013

weekly draw challenge admiral

Hello guys,

maybe you already know that some friends and I do a draw challenge-thing. Our group grow a lot bigger, which is cool. But it also means, that it needs more time for all to post. Only if everyone who wanted to participate has posted his entry, the next challenge starts.
So we decided to start a weekly draw challenge as well. And I am the weekly draw challenge admiral >D Means I choose the topics. Yeah! ( but the others can always send me ideas for challenges :))

The first challenge I choose was everyday weapons.

This came into my mind because I was running around with the umbrella of a friend. My own umbrella is super small and has cute dots. But this one was big and black! Felt kinda strong with this thing >)

My entry is just this lame sketch .... but I wanted to do something because I am the admiral of se weekly draw challenges (yeah I like to say this x))

And know I have to continue on doing my uni stuff ...

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