Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lazyness and announcement

Hello guys,
how are you doing?

Well I'm melting away ... It's really hot in Germany. Even in the north where I live. And especially in my room. It just won't cool down -___- not even in the evening with the window open.
Because I'm really not used to this heat, I'm super sleepy and lazy. I just want to lay around and watch series. Seriously I watched two seasons of Avatar, one of Dr. Who and the Batman Gotham Knight movie in just two days.
Ok, I also cleaned up my room (which was way to necessary ...). x") But that's it for the weekend. I feelt soooo lazy. Really have to do more next week ( /^w^)/

Oh, and I draw this to try out some other brushes in painter :>

Now for the announcement:
I have to switch my blog to tumblr. This is because I really want to blog while I'm in china, but blogger is blocked. Just like facebook. Annoying, but could be worse I guess ^^".

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